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Office assessments for Remote or at Home Workers

Working from home has become increasingly more popular, but it brings its own challenges. It’s essential to choose the right equipment, implement it correctly and use all the space you have available.

Our home office assessment will provide your employees with best practices and office recommendations that will suit both the space available and your budget.

It’s crucial that employees don't lose all the benefits of working from home by falling into bad habits.

Avoid THe common home office pitfalls:

  • Poor quality of furniture
  • The use of a laptop only
  • Working longer with fewer breaks
  • Prioritising the easy option instead of good practice – e.g. sitting on the couch

a necessity for Mobile Workers


Reduce work-related injuries

We aim to relieve pain whilst sitting, especially neck & upper back pain, whilst increasing work productivity and broaden their awareness of posture and positions.

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implement a real office at home

Same but different; a matched level of detail and concern for space and equipment should be given when setting up your home working space, as you would in a normal office.

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Meet your employees’ unique needs

Each of our assessments take each person’s unique characteristics, posture, work practices and demands into account, ensuring that their workstation has been optimised.


Make your office an optimal working environment!

A couch with a laptop on your knee does not make an ideal home office; neither does a kitchen table and chair have the required adjustability. A flawed set up can, over time, have a serious impact on the worker’s health. But, the good news is that this is easily avoidable!

Ergonomics assessments can eliminate these strains and make your home office a healthy and safe working environment.

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