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Office assessments for people working at home.

The workstation of the future is changing as technology allows us to stay connected no matter where we go. Working from home has become increasingly more popular, but it brings its own challenges. Normally people do not treat it as a normal workplace, even though it has become far more common.


The following trends have emerged in the home office which include:

  • Poor quality of furniture
  • The use of a laptop only
  • Working longer with fewer breaks
  • Prioritising the easy option instead of good practice – e.g. sitting on the couch

What can we do to help?

We offer a comprehensive solution. Our assessors carry out the workstation assessment according to best practice for both the individual and the workspace available. We make specific recommendations that will suit both the space available and your budget.

The same level of detail and concern should be given to setting up your home office as you would a normal office. Choosing the right equipment and using the space you have available is often the greatest challenge.


How Do our Assessments Work?


Step 1:

We send out our unique pre-screen questionnaire which allows us to learn as much as we can about you and your workspace before we arrive on site.


Step 2:

Our expert team will arrive on site, identify any problems at the workstation, make changes as they go while covering all legislative requirements for the individual.


Step 3:

We generate a digital report for the person to keep. Within this is their recommendations, links to our eLearning and App based rehab. This gives a far more interactive experience for the employee.


Step 4:

For companies, we gather all the information into a compliance database. This allows you to both understand and manage your programme, but also to make data driven policy making decisions.


Help us to understand your company better.

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