Our Ergonomics Team


Our Ergonomics Assessors

Our ergonomics assessors are fully chartered physiotherapists who are up-to-date on the latest evidence-based research for both physiotherapy and ergonomics. We believe that you should be truly passionate about what you do – and you won’t meet another group of people more enthusiastic about assessing workstations!


Our Operations Team

Our operations team look after 95% of the administration for you. Whether big or small, the same understanding is required and our team can look after each company’s needs. We are well-versed in organising projects of every size in a variety of industries – from tech to finance and warehouses, with everything in between – working with the necessary onsite contacts to ensure that each and every project is a success.


Our Tech Team

We have invested heavily to reinvent ergonomics – previously no more than a tick box exercise, with inefficient reviews of desks and time consuming administration afterwards. Our helpful tech team will provide the information  needed to make make data-driven decisions about your workforce to both improve efficiencies, as well as protect the health of your staff by reducing their injury risk.

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