Pregnancy Assessment


Creating comfortable working environments for expectant mothers.

It is very important to be proactive about workstation adaptation with expectant mothers who, as a group, require the highest level of care and our service strives to provide this. Practicing good ergonomics will help to relieve any pressures and increase comfort throughout a woman’s pregnancy. Implementing reasonable accommodations is essential to making the workplace safe and comfortable for pregnant women – prevention truly is the best approach and, in most cases, it is simple changes that make the biggest difference.


However, some issues can arise, including:

  • Back pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Postural problems
  • Decreased dexterity
  • Impaired agility
  • Reduced coordination
It is also important to understand that as the pregnancy progresses workstations should also be adapted to suit these changes. For example, if the bump causes a woman to sit further away from the table, then the monitor, keyboard and mouse should be moved closer to her instead of reaching excessively.

How Can We help?

Many of the principles of ergonomics do not dramatically change for expectant mothers, but every woman must have their own individual accommodations because each circumstance is different. Our team of skilled physiotherapists can provide a trimester-by-trimester guide for mothers to review, an eLearning dashboard with all required information, and follow up via email or telephone, with onsite visits as required.

So, How Do Our Ergonomic Assessments Work?


Step 1:

We send out our unique pre-screen questionnaire which allows us to learn as much as we can about you and your workspace before we arrive on site.


Step 2:

Our expert team will arrive on site, identify any problems at the workstation, make changes as they go while covering all legislative requirements for the individual.


Step 3:

We generate a digital report for the person to keep. Within this is their recommendations, links to our eLearning and App based rehab. This gives a far more interactive experience for the employee.


Step 4:

For companies, we gather all the information into a compliance database. This allows you to both understand and manage your programme, but also to make data driven policy making decisions.


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