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Ergonomic assessments for those behind the wheel

Ergonomic Assessments for Drivers

A recent report found that those who drive vehicles owned by their companies have between 30-40% more collisions than other drivers, and this risk increases with mileage driven. The number of work-related deaths from road collisions was double that from other causes.

It’s not a coincidence that the lights, indicators, radio, steering wheel and pedals are in the positions that they are. Their design is deliberate in order to reduce risk and improve efficiency. However, driving can put extra pressure on our bodies, specifically in relation to musculoskeletal disorders, vibrations, mental demands, and fatigue.

According to a 2016 census, 61.4% of us commute to work each day by car – but the good news is that a car is one of the most ergonomic environments you could find yourself in.

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Our car and driver assessments look at all of these factors, identifying areas of concern, and implement the necessary changes. Your employee will be supported via our App-based rehab, eLearning dashboard and the necessary follow up.


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