We provide a physio-led approach to workplace ergonomic assessments.


Workplace Ergonomics Specialists

During an average 40 hour work week, we spend 75% of the time sitting down. Our ergonomic assessments can help make this time more Productive & pain free. 

Society may have adapted to new technologies and ways of working, however we must also learn to adapt to the new demands placed on our bodies to keep them working healthily.

Spectrum Optimise believes that by harnessing technology and combining it with the skill and knowledge of ergonomically-trained physiotherapists, we will be able to educate people about current issues and risks to make the service more interactive – and change them in real time.  

All of our innovative practices are based on the most up-to-date research, with an emphasis on making it as easy to understand and relevant as possible to each individual’s work life. By combining our experienced and chartered physiotherapy team with App-based rehab and eLearning, our ergonomics service is market leading.

So, How Do Our Ergonomic Assessments Work?


Step 1:

We send out our unique pre-screen questionnaire which allows us to learn as much as we can about you and your workspace before we arrive on site.


Step 2:

Our expert team will arrive on site, identify any problems at the workstation, make changes as they go while covering all legislative requirements for the individual.


Step 3:

We generate a digital report for the person to keep. Within this is their recommendations, links to our eLearning and App-based rehab. This gives a far more interactive experience for the employee.


Step 4:

For companies, we gather all the information into a compliance database. This allows you to both understand and manage your programme, but also to make data driven policy making decisions.

Our Range Of Ergonomic Assessments

We provide extensive ergonomic assessment options covering all work environments from Visual Display Unit Assessments to Home Office Assessments.

VDU DSE Assessment.jpg

VDU/DSE Assessment


Home Office Assessment


Clinical Workstation


Pregnancy Assessment


Car / Driving Assessment


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