Clinical Workstation Assessment

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The bigger picture - Clinical Workstation Ergonomic Assessments.

During an in-depth clinical workstation assessment, we take a detailed look at the person’s more complicated issues surrounding their desk and work life. We instigate a true change to their work position and habits; if they are experiencing an issue we will identify the problem and help put a change in motion for the better.

Our assessors detect factors that aggravate, changing them at the workstation if possible, and provide practical strategies to help your employees maintain their new habits for the long term. Sometimes a greater level of detail is required, so we can offer a more specialised assessment.

Useful for

What People Are best suited for Our Clinic Workstation assessment?


Moderate to severe
musculoskeletal problems


Those who have returned to work after an absence or illness


Home offices


And many


a closer look

What does it entail?

In-depth assessments are focused on educating the person around their current issues and helping them to overcome them in real time. For those experiencing more severe issues, a closer look is often needed to reduce any long-lasting effects.

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Typically these assessments involve:

  • 45-60 minute appointments
  • Audit of all workstation practices and habits that may be causing these issues
  • Putting together practical strategies
  • Following an app-based rehab programme and additional eLearning education
  • A follow up support service via email or telephone

The more complex the issue, the more comprehensive the approach needs to be. This is why we take the time, using our team’s expert knowledge and skills, to enhance your employee’s experience with technology and provide sufficient follow up to best support them.

The modern workplace has changed vastly in recent years, so we must improve our efforts to help combat the new challenges that we are faced with. Each of our assessments is fully compliant with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007.

How Does An Assessment Work?


Step 1:

We send out our unique pre-screen questionnaire which allows us to learn as much as we can about you and your workspace before we arrive on site.


Step 2:

Our expert team will arrive on site, identify any problems at the workstation, make changes as they go while covering all legislative requirements for the individual.


Step 3:

We generate a digital report for the person to keep. Within this is their recommendations, links to our eLearning and App based rehab. This gives a far more interactive experience for the employee.


Step 4:

For companies, we gather all the information into a compliance database. This allows you to both understand and manage your programme, but also to make data driven policy making decisions.


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