Clinical Workstation Ergonomic Assessment

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Workstation Ergonomic Assessments: Instigate a true change to Your Team’s work position and habits

During an in-depth clinical workstation assessment, we take a detailed look at the person’s more complicated issues surrounding their desk and work life.

We instigate a true change to their work position and habits; if they are experiencing an issue we will identify the problem and help put a change in motion for the better.

These assessments are needed when there is:

  • A pre-existing medical condition
  • An employee returning to work after illness
  • A change of equipment suitability
  • A severe with musculoskeletal (MSK) problems
  • Ongoing severe muscle, joint or bone issues
  • The employee has missed work due to a particular issue
  • An in-depth analysis of work space/practices required

a necessity for modern workplaces


Reduce work-related injuries

By implementing subtle changes to work practices & habits, and understanding the effects of posture and how you position yourself, you’ll improve your overall health and energy levels.

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Comply with H&S requirements

Any changes made to workstation must meet the requirements set out by the Health & Safety Authority. Your workstation comprises of the display equipment, desk & chair, plus environment.

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Meet your employees unique needs

Our assessors detect factors that can aggravate your employee’s bodies, changing them at the workstation, and helping your team maintain their new habits in the long term.


Make your office an optimal working environment!

Small ergonomic changes can have a profound impact on someone’s workstation and remove serious strains. Desks, chairs and screens can all have a serious impact on a user’s health.

Specialised assessments can eliminate these risks and make your office a healthy, safe working environment.

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